At BWS, the customer always comes first. If you’re unhappy with a BWS kite or board, it’s our duty to keep you stoked on the brand. However some situations, particularly those caused by wear and tear, are not a warranty issue and should be dealt with by a repairer. We have a two-phase policy consisting of our “Out Of The Box” and “Fair Deal Policy” in place to manage these warranty issues.

Out of the box warranty:
We guarantee our products are free from defects in materials and workmanship.
•Kites – material has no flaws and the stitching is sound
•Boards – board is well-constructed and free from defects

All our products are inspected before they’re packed and sent. Kites are inflated, photographed and recorded to ensure you receive quality equipment. If you are not satisfied with it when you unpack it, then just contact us as soon as possible and we’ll take action.

Fair deal warranty:
We all use and treat our gear differently, a factor considered in our fair deal warranty. This means if you kite every day and are hard on equipment then we’ll warranty it for a shorter time.

However, if you only kite once a month then we’ll guarantee your gear for a longer period – up to a maximum of 12 months from date of purchase. We assess each kite or board on a case-by-case situation – if we think it’s a fair deal to replace or repair the item, we’ll do it.

The Fair Deal Warranty works both ways. There are some situations we believe don’t constitute a claim. The following is an outline of these situations.


Normal wear and tear is not covered: All gear does wear with use so if you kite a lot and your gear wears out we consider that normal. Lines and depower ropes wear with time and need to be maintained and replaced. If you damage your kite as a result of a wipeout then that is not classified as a warranty issue.

Abuse and accidents: If you damage your kite in a crash we would class that as an accident or abuse.

Surf: Whilst we build the strongest and lightest kite we can, we will not cover anything damaged by wave action. It’s impossible to build a bombproof kite.

Environmental damage: If you leave your kite in the heat or sun and it fades, discolours or pops a bladder due to excessive heat then this is excluded. Likewise, boards delaminated in the sun or hot cars are excluded.

Modifications: If you modify your kite or board from its original state then we won’t cover it. Camera attachments and repairs are not supported.

Boards: We build our boards to last as long as possible and also to be light and functional but they are not indestructible. We don’t warranty the boards from breakages due to massive jumps or waves action. Snapped fins or ripped out fin boxes caused by hits on reef, sandbank or beach are not covered. Boards should not be left in direct sunlight for extended periods or left in cars on hot days. Excessive heat can cause delamination or discoloration and will not be covered under warranty.

The above list is not exhaustive of what we think is a Fair Deal. If you think you have a legitimate request then let us know and we’ll assess it. Remember we have been Surfing & Surf Kiting since the beginning and have seen just about every case of product failure.

Damages during shipping:
BWS does everything possible to ensure the safe delivery of your new gear. It is unlikely that your items will be damaged during shipping, but it can happen from time to time.

In the unlikely instance of damage occurring during shipping, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify the shipper and BWS immediately. If you notice any outside damage to a box, we recommend photographing and inspecting the contents immediately to ensure they have arrived undamaged and that no items are missing. You should ask the driver to document that the box arrived damaged. Often the shipper will want to inspect the box and packaging materials, so be sure to retain everything until instructed otherwise by the shipper. You’ll need to take photos of the damaged packaging as well as damage to the item.

If the damaged item is found after the driver has left your premises, contact the shipper at once by calling their local office.

If you think you have a warranty claim then email us. We’ll forward you a simple assessment process, which will involve taking a few photos of your item and providing us with some info. Warranties are only valid to the original purchaser. You must register your products Online to be eligible for our Fair Trade Warranty system.