Caio Ibelli

Up-and-coming WSL competitor, Caio Ibelli has been competing in both surfing and kiting since he was just 16. “I loved surfing so much that I started kiting so I couldn’t miss any waves and surf even on the windy days. I’ve been in love with the feeling since my first day.”Caio’s hometown, Sao Paulo in Brazil, is notoriously windy so being able tokite meant he was able to get on the water and train where others couldn’t. Who can say whether this helped him the WSL ranks (we’d argue that it certainly helped!) but either way Caio is certainly going places.

Although a busy tour schedule now means less time for kiting, Caio still manages to score a few sessions between events when he’s in Hawaii, Fiji or Brazil. During the 2016 Fiji Pro where competition was halted due to wind, Ben and Caio managed to catch a few stray waves down on the sandbank. See photo.

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