Ben Bourgeois

LOCAL SPOT: Wrightsville Beach North Carolina

YEARS KITING: Tried it out in 2007 but got back on the WCT tour in 2008. My sessions have been few and far between, but now in 2012 I have more time and I’m getting heaps more sessions in.
FAVOURITE DESTINATIONS: Indo, P-pass , Central America and Home in North Carolina when its on.
GOALS: Kite as much as I can this year and keep improving my surfing. Take advantage of all the fun that we get to have on the road and in the ocean!
OTHER INTERESTS: Tennis, golf, Bocce Ball, Cornhole AKA Bags and having an ice cold beer with the boys after surfing all morning and kiting all afternoon, that’s my favorite thing in the world. #grom4life
SPONSORS: Reef, Spy, Placebo/mayhem shapes, Vertra, Dakine, Sweetwater surfshop, Mulcoy travel.

Pro surfer Ben Bourgeois was attracted to water and surfing at the early age of three and immediately started wining surfing contests even though he was too little to take the board into the surf and needed a caddy to help him. Ben and his family moved to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, USA, which offered him great surf and finally he crossed paths with kiting. Good Mate Tony Del, showed him the ropes and ever since he has never looked back now spending his time travelling the world and chasing the best waves as well as competing in surf contests whenever the “mood” hits him.