Blue Chip Bar V2

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Composite Kiteboard Control Bar

Ultra lightweight, ergonomic composite kiteboarding control bar.

Our new bar is a whole new dimension in using a control bar for riding the kite. Featuring a back line kite trimming system to replace current front line trimming systems, and a single body injection molded structure, this new bar concept opens up ways for enhanced safety and kite landing, as well as improved ergonomics and accuracy for trimming the kite.

What’s New in the V2


Made with marine-grade stainless steel, the centre hole is highly tapered to accept the rugged 12mm PU tubing. The refined shape allows for smooth sheeting at extreme angles.


A new grip was moulded with softer grip for greater comfort especially during long sessions.


Reliable in both slack line and full powered situations, the push away motion works in opposition to the static connection between rider and control bar, providing a smooth release in all situations. Added benefits of the Trim Loop Include:

Improved safety: the stainless steel release pin is now protected by the release cuff, guarding your hand during activation

Easy reset: push release cuff remains locked up and ready to reset after an eject making reset quite literally a “snap”

Below bar line swivel “Roto Hub” has been refined, offering a smoother re-ride action and line twist management.

The trim loop is pre moulded into a U shape, making reset even easier when combined with the automatic docking and push reset feature.

Improved donkey dick: tapered shape holds the trim loop in place in the event of slack line or extreme sheeting angles, reducing the chance of unwanted unhooking.

Bar End Trim Adjustor

Kite trimming involves reducing or increasing the length of the back lines of a four-line sports kite relative to the front lines, in order to adjust the kite power to wind conditions or rider preference. The Blue Chip bar features an ergonomically placed winder that doubles as powering and depowering control. The winder is turned clockwise to power up, and nudged outward to depower. This allows you to keep the bar in both hands when depowering.

The winding mechanism only has a minimum of moving parts and is easy to inspect and maintain. The U-shaped bar structure is optimized to flush away any sand and debris buildup.

Adjustable Bar Stopper

Designed to allow for easy, on-the-fly adjustment of a kiteboarding bar’s overall sheeting range. Allows for single handed adjustments and requires no special tools. Works with all kiteboarding control bars which feature a PU coated center trim line.

Liros DC401

This greatly innovative engineered product only deserves to be loaded with the best and most high performant lines in the market, our German supplier Liros came up with a new quality lines it’s called DC401, they are 1,6MM (before our lines were 2MM) and the stiffest and most durable quality out there with incredible non shrinking results and a breakage of 580kg.

The Blue Chip Bar fits completely in the BWS product line up, which stands for STYLE, PERFORMANCE & SIMPLICITY.

Included with the bar: 22m kite lines, BWS kite new safety leash 50cm with push away release, all new donk stick, 3 sets of pigtails (20cm/25cm & 35cm) to fit on any kite.

Our 30 Day promise
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The Blue Chip Bar comes in a nylon bag with interior sleeve for extra pigtails. This bag keeps you organized 100%.

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