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What we changed on this board from 2016 is it has DH’s latest tail design, slightly less rocker and volume. It comes as a tri fin option only.

The board works in average small conditions and fairly light winds all the way up to perfect conditions and medium to strong winds. It’s allround high performance orientated.

Darren has worked with Ben to create a board to suit his style. We always recommend buying boards to suit your local conditions but for people who travel, having a couple of options is really important. There’s nothing more frustrating that showing up at the beach when it’s pumping and having the wrong gear!

“Darren Handley works with the best surfers in the world so he’s always at the cutting edge of design in terms of rockers, outlines and construction. It makes designing a board pretty easy for me. All I really need to do is provide my local wind and surf conditions plus my weight and height and DH combines this into his latest design. Then the testing begins, which is the fun part for me. His boards are alive and you’ll feel this as soon as you ride one.” Ben Wilson

In terms of which size to take it all depends on whether you will surf it or not? For example for surfing and kiting I ride the 6’2, but for kiting only I’ve been using the 5’8.

Shaper: Shaped by Darren Handley, Darren is regarded as one of the best worlds best surfboard shapers. 

The manufacturing of the board is done in the Portugese DHD factory, where the highest standards apply to build surfboards to perfection.

This board package comes board only, fins and pad are to be purchased seperately. The lead delivery time for this board after order is 4-6 weeks. 

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This is a surfboard made for surf kiting, however it will dent like a regular surfboard. BWS does not warranty boards.

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