Undertow Bar V4


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The engineering of the ‘Undertow’ bar is focused on simplicity and function.

We are already at V4 with the Undertow Bar and we offer you a complete upgraded package: New unbreakable PU chicken loop (no matter what temperature water you’re riding in), New moulded PU chicken dick, Newly equipped by German Liros lines, considered as the nr1 in the industry with the best shrinking/stretching results.

Dano See our head designer is leading the innovation by only designing what is absolutely necessary on our control bars, but of course without compromising safety. The ‘Undertow’ bar is extremely functional, light weight and user friendly, making it perfectly suited to every rider from beginners to professionals.

Included with the bar: 22m kite lines, BWS kite safety leash, donk stick presented in a nice and clean mesh bag.

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Additional information

45 cm

The Undertow Bar 45cm (22m lines) is recommended for 5,5-7-8-9m

50 cm

The Undertow Bar 50cm (22m lines) is recommended for 7-8-9-11m


The Undertow Bar 50cm (22m lines) is recommended for 11-13m

Liros 22m kite lines

2mm Fronts & Rears from the German Manufacturer Liros. Considered as the best in the industry (with the best non stretching results)

All new Donk stick

The Undertow bar has a new Donk Stick made in moulded PU, with perfect clean finishing

All new PU chicken loop

Unbreakable chickenloop,no matter what temperature you're riding in, with adjustable loop to customize to your personal preference

Swivel housing

The rotating swivel housing nice and small with high functionality.

Covered de-power rope

The Undertow bar now has a covered de-power rope to minimise wear and friction, allowing you to sheet in and out much easier.

Moulded 1 piece comfort grip

Moulded one piece grip, the Undertow bar allows you to stay out in the water longer, and make your bar last even longer.

Continuous leader lines

With continuous leader lines we have managed to minimise the amount of parts needed on the Undertow bar, there for less thing to go wrong.

BWS engineered adjustable cleat

With an adjustable cleat you can effortlessly adjust the amount of de-power you can get out of the bar.

Kite safety leash

With inbuilt Quick Release. Never loose your kite when you go down in the waves.

Mesh bag

The Undertow bar comes complete in a nice and clean mesh bag, so you stay organized in the best possible way before and after each session

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