At the request of some of the guests last year to enter more coaching into our BWSurf Kiteweek in Philippines we’re proud to announce that Reo Stevens will be joining as coach and give you the chance to improve your waveriding skills in 2 supplementary coaching programs.

Reo has taken his years of kite flying experience and his wind and wave knowledge to become one of the most accomplished waveriders in the industry and has begun last year sharing his knowledge by offering a variety of coaching classes worldwide.

Reo Stevens Coaching provides the highest quality experience through professional level instruction while sharing all the excitement and adventure that kitesurfing can offer. The coaching is based on the culmination of over a decade of professional riding experience.

Reo was born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii and been around since the early days of kitesurfing. He has been involved with the sport since the birth of kiteSURFing and has become one of the world’s best unhooked, switch-stance, strapless kitesurfers; a skill that many of today’s pro’s still find it hard to grasp. The ability to ride unhooked, strapless and switch-stance simultaneously is a skill that can only achieved by understanding and implementing proper technique through correct body and kite positioning. Reo’s ability to grasp these concepts and relay the information make him the perfect coach to help you improve your own riding. Reo’s coaching specializes in wave riding and strapless freestyle and can help you get your riding to a level that you want to be no mater what techniques you want to improve on. Whether you’re a beginner in the waves or advanced, you’ll be amazed by the progress you can make with Reo as your coach.

All details about the different coaching programs and the trip, you can find here