Privacy Policy

Privacy declaration
For the service to our customer we collect personal details. These details could have been received via our customer, via the website, e-mail or phone. Next to that it also possible that we have received details via third parties. With this privacy policy we would like to inform you about the way we handle your personal details.

1. What do we collect?
The information that we register is depending on the fact if you are a customer or a company. In general we collect:
– Name
– Address
– Email address
– Phone number
– Bank account
– VAT number
– Chamber of Commerce number

2. Why do we collect?
To perform our services in a good way, we need to have the above mentioned information in our database. We will use it to inform you about your order details, for invoices and for distributing your orders
It is also possible that we use your personal details for marketing purposes, if we think they are eligible for you. It can also be the case we contact you if we want to have feedback regarding our services.
If we want to use your detail for any further purposes then mentioned above we will first ask you for permission.
Lastly, we can use your personal details to protect ourself and our customers for court proceedings if necessary.

3. Third-parties
It might be possible that we share your personal details with third parties. When we do that, we make an agreement with this third-party to make sure that they handle your details according to the GDPR-rules.
When necessary, we are obliged to share your personal details with third-parties due to legal obligation.

4. Storage period
We store your personal details until they are not useful anymore with regards to the reason why you have send your details. Some information needs to be stored for a longer period (mostly seven years), because of the law (for example taks duty).

5. Security
We will do everything to protect your personal data with all necessary measures. We oblige or employees to handle everything carefully and we make sure our systems are protected against everyone who doesn’t need to have access to the data.
When an incident will take place involving your personal details, we will notify you within 48 hours after the detection of this incident.

6. Your rights
You have in all cases the right to have a look into, change or delete your personal details (if possible within the law). You can also make an objection against processing your personal details. Next to that, u have the right to oblige us to hand over your personal details to you or a third party.

7. Complaints
If you have any complaints about our privacy policy or our personal details process, feel free to contact us at any time. If this doesn’t work out for you, you always have the right to make an official complain at the Data Protection Authority.

8. Changes
Surely there will be changes with regards to our privacy policy. At this website you will always find the most up to date version

We are sure that we handle your personal details with ultimate care. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via