Moroccan Sahara Desert Trip

Desert Experience

w/ BWSurf

Epic Kite Sessions

With our local Kirsty Jones

A unique stay by the ocean

Our camp out in the desert

Great wave spots

Deserted private point breaks all over

Your Host

Kirsty Jones

Western Sahara Desert

Discover its beauty
The Trip

Prepare for a great adventure, explore deserted wave spots in the South of Morocco in the Sahara area.

With Kirsty Jones as coach, your goals will be put in practice. Body & kite positioning, strapless riding, drifting your kite on the wave, boosting airs, how to make the best GoPro movies, learn the ropes from the master.

You’ll be amazed of how much you can progress your kiting level with Kirsty’s unique coaching program. Even if you have a good level you can still progress a lot.


March 2019 – specific dates will be released soon!


Single – Package only with pro coaching €1795 in a shared tent/room.

Package includes:
7 nights accommodation & full board with 3 meals daily, guide, photographer, 4×4.

3 nights stay in Westpoint Dakhla near town and 1 night in Dar Rio Oro in the center.

Breakfast and dinner are full meals, lunch will be most of the time a snack on the go.

3 nights in Moroccan tents in the desert, this is rough but a real unique experience.

Pro coaching from Kirsty Jones

Not Included:
Beverages (except for water) and airfares.

Deserted wave spots

The one deserted point break after the other

Our 4x4 guides: The local Sahrawi or desert people

Prepare for some unforgettable offroad adventure in the desert

Improve your skills efficient & thorough

With top coaching from real Pro's with many years of experience

Amazing spots

Enjoy having the ocean to yourself

Morocco sits between the North African Desert Low pressure and the Azores High pressure systems, hence the Atlantic coastline feels a consistent north-easterly trade wind in the summer months.  In summer in places there is a strong sea-land thermal, with cooler air over the Atlantic rushing towards the hot interior.  Regions north of Essaouira do not benefit significantly from thermals, hence winds rarely exceed Force 4, but from the Essaouria region and southwards the winds often exceed Force 6.

Dakhla is a city in the Western Sahara coast of Morocco, roughly 400 km from Mauritius and 300 kilometres from the border with Mauritania. It is located in one of the least populated areas on earth. Dakhla is also a port of the southern region in Western Sahara and is under the de facto control of Morocco.


The climate is Mediterranean, which becomes more extreme towards the interior regions where it is mountainous. The coastal plains are rich and accordingly, they comprise the backbone for agriculture. The wind generally blows from the northeast, averaging around 15 to 25 knots. Averaging about 18C to 26 C during the day the temperature in Dakhla is generally pleasant throughout the year but does drop considerably during the night

The spots

Near Dakhla:
Pointe d’Or: The most near wave spot from Dakhla is Pointe de l’Or. In about 20 minutes you can be riding waves on the Atlantic Ocean alone with your friends. A desert sand beach with a rocky point create a beautiful small clear water bay where you may see one or two fisherman and the fun waves are all for you.

Lassarga: this spot doesn’t work often but when it does it’s jackpot. The most perfect peeling right hander you’ve ever seen.

Foum Labouir: Right at the entrance of Dakhla town, going on the ocean direction, we can find the worldclass wave spot Foum Labouir, where you can take advantage of insane wave conditions. Perfect side to side offshore moderate wind, beautiful long and glassy rights breaking over the point… An awesome playground to have fun and enjoy some sessions. KPWT Wave competition was held here in 2009.

Depending on local conditions we will take you to the best wave spot of the moment. The goal of this trip is to explore the whole area and ride on deserted wave spots as much as possible.

West Point Dakhla

Unique positioning right on the spot of Oum Labouir

All the Luxury and Comfort

For a great Stay

Our camp in the desert

In the middle of nowhere


There are 2 stays during the trip, one in downtown Dakhla, the other somewhere in the Sahara. During the days we’ll take 4X4 Jeeps to go to the best wave spots the area has to offer. After a long of kiting and exploring the area, you will enjoy the luxury of our hotel in Dakhla. When we are in the desert you want to be prepared for a rough journey, a truly unique experience you will never forget.


Kirsty Jones

In action

Ali Beqqali

Flying High

Kai Sou

Our photographer

Karl Vannerem

On the right

The Crew

Kirsty Jones

Kirsyt Jones is 3x World wave riding champion and not only a super talent in kiting, but also a master in yoga and an incredible top coach. Kirsty will lift your skills to new levels.

Ali Beqqali

Ali forms a unique tandem with Kirsty and is an amazing talented surfer and kitesurfer. Ali’s also gifted in passing on his talents being a truly top coach. This makes the Kirsty-Ali coach tandem unbeatable and one of a kind.

Kai Sou

Professional photographer joining us for the week. She will make sure you have a bunch of epic action pics to go back home with.

Karl Vannerem

Responsable for all commercial activities of BWSurf in Europe. Karl will assist Kirsty & Ali during the week and if you need anything during your stay he will be the guy to go to. In charge to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Additional Info


Dates:  11th – 18th of November 2017

Stay: Hotel Dar Rio Oro or similar. Tent in Western Sahara.

Eat: During your stay we’ll offer you a full board arrangement. If you have any allergy, or special request don’t forget to mention this upon booking enabling us to make the rights preparations.

Moroccan cuisine has long been considered as one of the most diversified cuisines in the world. This is a result of the centuries-long interaction of Morocco with the outside world. The cuisine of Morocco is a mix of Berber, Spanish, Corsican, Portuguese, Moorish, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and African cuisines. The cuisine of Morocco has been influenced by the native Berber cuisine, the Arabic Andalusian cuisine brought by the Moriscos when they left Spain, the Turkish cuisine from the Turks and the Middle Eastern cuisines brought by the Arabs, as well as Jewish cuisine.

Drinks are to be purchased seperately.

R&R: Built into our kite weeks is the crucial R&R. Once you hit the sand you’re on Morocco time. Kite when it’s windy or surf when the waves are pumping – nature sets your agenda. Rediscover the sense of play, of achievement and of absolute harmony with nature. Re-set your hard drive and peel back all the layers of stress, work and demands on your time. The effect is immediate and the feeling lasts back at home.

Pricing: Package only with pro coaching €1795 in a shared room & tent.

Includes: 7 nights accommodation & full board with 3 meals daily, guide, 4×4, photographer.

Not Included: Beverages and airfares

Itinerary: The best way to arrive is by air in Casablanca, Morocco and take a domestic flight to Dakhla with Royal Air Maroc. Upon arrival at Dakhla airport our team will be there to pick you up.


The instruction package is pro coaching  geared towards intermediate to advanced kiters who are looking to perfect technique and/or work on specific skills. The coaching program designed by Kirsty & Ali is of the highest level in kitesurfing today. It has been designed, further developed & fine tuned throughout the many coaching camps Kirsty has done during these last 6 years.

5 Day Coaching Program

Every morning after breakfast and coaching feedback we will take the 4×4’s and depending on conditions on the spot we’ll drive to the best wave spot.

The coaching program exists of different parts, there are skills and subjects that are handled more in the group. The other parts are approached individually . You will get personal coaching and training from Kirsty & Ali on a daily base with video feedback of your action in the water.


Max number of guests: 8 kiters

Best time for wind: March to November, but in the South of Morocco its generally good all year long.

Best time for Swell: September to April

Internet: Possible in hotel Dar Rio Oro. Not in desert.

Water temp: Around 21 degrees C.

Do you need a wetsuit?  shorty or long summer wetsuit

Strength of wind: It can be any strength, but normal winds are about 15-25KTS. Most people ride from 6’s to 12’s.

Can you ride a twin tip? Yes, there is even a really nice lagoon in the area of Dakhla.

What are the waves like? Depending on swell size there is any type of that you want, long and hollow, or short and fun.

Can you ask for vegetarian meals when booking? Yes

Will harnesses be available to buy during the week? Be prepared and bring your own gear or contact us before hand with what you may need to preorder.

Will there be booties for sale or bring your own? Bring your own.

Intermediate experience necessary – we do need to know in advance what level of lessons you require as these details are important for resource. To avoid disappointment please ensure you book in advance. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please bring your own equipment or let us know what you need – We are happy to answer any questions you may have!